Jonathan Bray

A journey by design?

A draining COVID epidemic and the ungainly pirouettes of government policy on public transport from one extreme (‘we want all day bus lanes’) to the other (‘we hate all day bus lanes ‘), has not been conducive to big and optimistic thinking about how public transport should look and feel in the future. But ready […]

‘LocHal’ – the library at the heart of railway regeneration in Tilburg

These days, on my list of things I could do when I have time in a new place, is to visit the library. It feels almost revolutionary these days to go somewhere where you are not obliged to spend anything at all. The ‘LocHal’ library in Tilburg is a beauty. And another example of how mainland Europe […]

Connections newsletter April 2024

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Paris and London – opposites attract on progressive transport policies

I used to take the view that Paris was an ugly city (quasi motorways alongside the Seine, the dreary Haussmann boulevards, the Eiffel Tower) but with a lot of beautiful details. As well as a city that beyond the ‘grands projets’ didn’t have so much to offer on progressive thinking on transport. But the motorways by […]

An ode to Lothian Buses

It’s good to be in the warmth of the good value Lothian Buses cafe at their Shandwick Place TravelHub.  Outside a pitiless January morning wind has chased the buses down nearby Princes Street. The commuters on board the buses are happy to be cocooned (for just that little bit longer) against the cold, behind mostly steamed […]

Bringing buses in Wales home

In my latest piece for Passenger Transport I take a trip across Wales by bus to see how public sector innovation has already led to big increases in patronage – providing a template for how the future of buses could look under public control. As you’ve probably noticed, it’s all happening in Wales. Of the […]

Rail centre: Klaipėda

A feature for Today’s Railways Europe My first illustrated feature for Today’s Railways Europe takes an in-depth look at the railway scene at Lithuania’s third city and only major port. You can download it here

A day on the buses in Cardiff and Newport

I think you need to see things for yourself not just have meetings and read reports. So as part of my work as the advisor to the Welsh Government and TfW on making bus services in Wales integrated, accountable and planned – I am doing just that. Here’s my south wales trip report from Cardiff […]

Connections issue 2 (September 23)

My newsletter with news and stories of progressive change is here. Issue two features: Policy geek postcard from Malmo In depth on the strange death (and rebirth) of trams in England and Scotland The poetry of the Twyford Down protests Books on climate deep time and no time at all Side projects: short film and […]